Al-Quds University is a part of the global educational system, which provides all the facilities for the students and faculties as well;but being an Arab university in Jerusalem, brings with it significant challenges. Due to Israeli restrictions of movement, closures and even the apartheid Wall around the city, numerous obstacles being created that seriously impact the daily life of the students, faculty, staff and even the visitors.

For the university to grow and prosper it needs a sense of normalcy, which can sometimes seems like a fantasy given the reality the ongoing military Occupation. On a daily basis need to grapple with problems that are wholly unknown to other academic institutions. Final exams may need to be suddenly rescheduled because of a closure, or visa issues require last minute replacements for visiting professors in specialized subjects. Often because of financial emergencies faculties must improvise with makeshift offices or laboratories in half-finished buildings.

The greatest problem is the absence of stable financial support. Funding is constantly on the university’s agenda in order to pay everything from professors to telephone bills, laboratories facilities, to the material science engineering program. Over the past seven years, the AQU has taken bold steps in restricting its financial model by successfully transforming the dependence on financing its running cost from a 24% - 76% ratio of student fees to contributions ration to a more sustainable balance of 60% -40%. But when students are not able to pay their full fees and tuition, or when contributions (Primarily from the PA) fail to arrive, the University immediately suffers a shortfall.

Our annual running cost runs at 35$ million. Financial sustainability requires raising annually 10$ million, over and above tuition income. Added to this are capital expenditures on laboratory and technical infrastructure that averages 5$ million. 20$ million is also needed for longer-term physical infrastructure projects such as the sport fields, Law Building, Business and Economics Building, Administration Building and more. 

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