In loving Memory of his Father

Eng. Tareq Al- Ghussein, Friend’2010, established The Riyad Al-Gussein Educational fund

Established in 2010 based on a generous annual 200,000 dollar donations by Palestinian Engineer Tareq Al- Ghussein,  The Riyad Al- Ghussein Educational Fund is designed to improve access to quality education by Palestinian students at Al-Quds University. 

2011-2012 was the first academic year in which the Riyad Al Ghussein Educational Fund was disbursed to scholars and fellows. The fund has been successful in its aims of providing improved access to better quality higher education to deserving students who have financial difficulties, and of creating and supporting new opportunities in the field.

The Generous Riyad Al- Ghussein Fund covers four programs:

1. Riyad Al Ghussein Scholarships

The adoption track of the fund which covers the tuition fees of whole study period (4-5 years) for students suffering financial problems. Yet,ambitious and distinguished. The program was designed by the Donor to financially support students interested in studding Music, fine Arts, Philosophy, Engineering, or History from their first moment on campus until graduation.

Thank you Mr. Tareq Al-Ghussein , Your generosity allowed me to be closer to my goal

Ms. R. Sandouqah was one of the law students who received Riyad Al-Ghussein Fellowship fund and spent a course in London at the Prestigious Center of Transnational Legal Studies  CTLS.
Read Ms. Sandouqa's letter to Donor Mr. Tareq Al-Ghussein

  • 34 students had benefited so far.

The AQU Financial Aid Unit usually advertise the Scholarships at time the General Tawjihi Exams is over to recruit fresh students willing to pursue their Bachelors in any of the above-mentioned Majors.

For more information on when and how to apply for the Scholarship, you may contact Mrs. Dana Salloum at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2. Riyad Al Ghussein Fellowships

Supports exceptional Palestinian students to experience unique educational opportunities abroad.

In 2011, Al Quds University was offered the opportunity to become the first Arab and Middle Eastern participant institution in the prestigious Centre for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS) in London, established by Georgetown University.  The Riyad Al- Ghussein Fund supports three law students annually and their experiences were remarkably successful at the CTLS.


Throught out the last 4 years, 10 Students had received the fellowship fund and spent a course at the CTLS.

2 current Law Students spent the last semester in London

With the Riyad Al-Ghussein Fellowship, AQU this academic year has opened up new opportunities for students enrolled in Law Studies and other majors to receive the scholarship in other International Universities, where other 10 Students took the advantage last semester; 5 Students at Science Po in Paris; one in law, two female students in international Law, 2 students in business Administration, 5 Students studding Arabic Literature at Kirikkale University in Turkey.

3. Al Quds Riyad Al Ghussein International Fellowships

Designed to supplement the current fellowship program administered by the University for Palestinian Faculty Development in PhD programs at other institutions. 19 Students benefited so far.

4. Riyad Al Ghussein Academic Fellow at Al Quds

Designed to attract top quality Professors to teach at Al–Quds University for one semester or one year.

Due to Eng. Al-Ghussein generosity, AQU managed to host well-known International Musicians to Al-Quds College of Music; Edua Zadory, and Conrad Muck, Professors of Violin. Brandeis University Associate Professor of Politics Daniel Kryder to AQU Department of Political Science, and Professor of Art and Sculpture Eugen Petri to AQU Shcool of Arts.

Professor Edua Zadory Professor Eugen Petri Professor Daniel Kryder Professor Conrad Muck