Asala Salhab,Current student of Pharmacy

My life so far

I’m Asala Salhab ,20 years old student studying pharmacy at Al -Quds university. Currently in my third year, I work for Al-Horreya Radio in Hebron as a radio presenter on a weekly kid’s talk show, for a very symbolic amount of money. Drama and theatre activities, especially, have long been of great interest to me – I’ve been involved in many drama sessions and plays, and took part in a theatre festival in Greece in 2010.

I have always been an ambitious person, working hard so I can reach my full potential. For example, I started volunteering at the Hebron Youth Development Resource Center (YDRC) in 2010, where I participated in many leadership workshops, technology sessions and drama courses. Additionally, the YDRC selected me to represent the organization in an Intel Clubhouse Teen Summit, which took place in Boston in July 2012; after the summit, I worked as an intern for two months at the YDRC helping with youth programs and administrative duties. I also volunteered as a training facilitator with “Art for Social Change“, a program that aims to bring Palestinian artists together to use their art as tools for social change.. As a hard working young girl, I have managed to develop my skills in many fields, which enabled me to also have the chance to be an intern in Public relations department at Hebron University.


I finished school with a very high degree (97%), which allowed me to pursue pharmacy. The challenge is that studying Pharmacy is very expensive , and I don’t want my family’s financial situation to be a barrier to continue my study, I try my best to organize my time in a way that gives me the chance to find a part time job every now and then to help cover part of my pocket money. So far ,I worked in the Radio station as I mentioned above, and in a clothing store the last summer holiday. I’ve managed to achieve an honor degree for the past four semesters.

I’m interested in science – in particular, drugs and chemical equipment – and am committed to playing a role in providing healthcare for people who need it most, which is why I’ve chosen pharmacy over other health sectors. Ultimately, I seek to become more actively involved in the healthcare of the public, moving away from the traditional role of dispensing medicines.

I have many big dreams – one of which is to become one of the most successful Arab women in Palestine and the Middle East. I study and work hard to build a good future for my family and myself. I don’t stop and I don’t give up.



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