The scholarship of the deceased Suhad and Yousef Bajjali

Dr Musa Bajjali , Friend '2008

Yousef was not even 10 when I lost him and his mother, my dear wife Suhad, in a terrible car accident. Everything I ever dreamed of doing for Yousef was about to be buried with him, from raising him, to educating him, to helping him prosper. But I couldn’t stand such a loss. So I did to my students what I was supposed to do to him; I helped them build bright futures for themselves. And to keep the memory of my son and Suhad alive, I formed a scholarship and named it after them, and gave it to those students who are in financial need.

Whenever I see one of them in their graduation gown, I remember my dear ones and feel them around me, they’re still alive somehow and that makes me proud.

May god bless the souls of my dear ones, and may he guarantee Al-Quds University students’ success and prosperity.








Sujoud Naim Abu Sarhan،Midwifery 3rd Grade

I was lucky to benefit from Suhad & Yousef Bajjali Scholarship to get my tuition fees covered. With out this help, I would have been now sitting at home doing nothing, thinking of No Dreams..No Future.

"So Thank you "