Al-Ghanim Group Grant

Ibrahim Al-Ghanim' 2008

He was a child dreaming of a future built on education, a future as that of his seventeen brothers and sisters, but alas the family financial reality could not grant him or his siblings their dreams. Ibrahim left his dream of attending school behind to embrace an exhausting and harsh life of work at a very early age. Now, he is the owner and chairman of Al-Ghanim Group of Companies in Palestine working in the service-commercial industry.

Ibrahim Al-Ghanim became part of the University friends’ family in 2008 with his financial aid to students whose financial situation might stop them from having a college degree. The aim of the grant, named "Al-Ghanim Group Grant", is to help orphans and students who can't afford to pay their tuition fees to pusue their education.

Ibrahim had determined to give a hand as long as he's capable to do so, He considers his social responsibility a duty towards Palestine, and his insistence on regaining what was once lost to him, through his sons and the Palestinian youth has driven him to continue his support to the students in building their future successfully.