Fawzi and Leila Kawash grant

Eng. Fawzi Ka’wash,Friend '1983

Mr. Kawash is the one who decided to challenge the sorrow that sneaks into his heart each and every time he visits Jerusalem for he sees how it suffers from the Israeli occupation, and he opined that supporting its youths and supporting their resistance are the best means to achieve and maintain freedom and dignity. The preservation institutions that work to protect Jerusalem are not adequate to face the occupation and protect the city since these entail effort, high potentials, and a lot of money. Hence, he decided to support the education sector; therefore, he works on helping and developing tertiary education. He was among the first people who initiated a Student Support Fund in the early eighties of the last century, which was named “Fawzi and Laila’s Student Fund” by which he contributed to covering University fees for many students who are enrolled in the School of Health Professions( named at that time college of Nusring).

His support was not limited to this, yet he invited and encouraged a number of Palestinian businessmen who supported AQU as well on different levels and became among its friends. One of those friends was the engineer Najjad Zee’ni who funded a new building for the Faculty of Engineering, and another friend Said Khouri –God have mercy on his soul- who funded the building of the IT Center of Excellence.