Help Students to shape their lives

Firstly, we would like to extend our thanks to the donors who made it possible for students to attend AQU, whom would have never been able to pay for tuition fees without your appreciated support.

A large number of our donors who help to finance tuition fees regularly, chose to either sponsor a student/s or donate a specific amount per semester, that could help cover up to 50% of the tuition fees for more than one student.

Both the Sponsorship, and the Contribution to Students' Fund Programs at AQU are targeted at the significant financial need of undergraduate students, who belong to families with low incomes or families who can’t afford to pay tuition fees for more than one child to attend university. All the students are also assessed on their academic merit.

Both programs have been designed to allow donors to get to know the student who is receiving help, and track their academic achievements, as well as meet them at the annual gathering of AQU donors, scheduled to take place every April.

Our respected donors can help our students by:

Becoming a Donor that is committed and wishes to sponsor students or by contributing to the student fund each semester or upon your interest. Your commitment or only partially to keep helping our students at your convenience, through either being a commited sponsor or a Donor who wishes to make contributions, may be shaped into a Fund that you can design, based on your interest and expectations.

Name Your Fund and Set Your criteria

You may chose to name your Fund after you, a beloved member of the family, your corporation name or something that represents a value. Then you can then set the criterion for students who have access to this fund.

For example:

  • Academic merit
  • Financial status of the student
  • Gender
  • Specific Faculties and/or Majors (ex. some MD. Doctors sponsor students at the Medical School)
  • Donors sometimes sponsor students prioritising those coming from the donor's place of birth (city or village, etc)
  • Donors may also design their Fund to include a track that would allow students other opportunities than just covering tuiotion fees, "The Riyad Al- Ghussein Fund” is a good example.
    Video| Dr.Imad Abu Kishek about Aid of the Al.Quds University for students


For more information on the tuition fees per course (18 credit hrs.).


  • The tuition fees required officially from students cover only 60% of the real cost, the other 40% is being covered by the University.
  • 60% of AQU Students are unable to pay their tuition Fees.
  • In 2013, Donors helped 13% out of 60% of needy student body to pursue their education.


  • Number of registered Students 2014/2015, 10805
  • Female to Male Ratio 53% Females to 46.7% Males
  • Distribution of Students per Faculties

  • Distribution of Students per Palestinian Cities


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If you're interested to establish your fund, you may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Financial Aid Unit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may choose to help an undergraduate student or more by covering his/her/their tuition fees or part of it for one semester, one academic year, or a full coverage until they/he/she graduate/s from the University.


Ambitious Students with Big Dreams Deserve to Be Sponsored

Asala Salhab, Current student of Pharmacy



        Successful Donations

Riyad Al- Ghussein Educational Fund

Dr Musa Bajjali , Friend '2008


Donor's Acknowledgment:

Your name or the name of your fund will be listed in the Donors’ Acknowledgment Wall on campus, University related documents, up on the website of “Friends & Alumni”, Friends & Alumni annual Newsletter. Articles about the donation will show in the Web- slide show and more.

If you chose not to be publicly recognized for your donations, We’ll honor your wishes.

Once we receive the confirmation of your donation, the Alumni Desk/ Donors & Supporters’ Desk will contact you to get the information on how you would like to have it published and provide you with information on how to proceed with your portal / AQU Friends & Alumni Web.


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