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Nassar Nassar,Friend’2007 and Inspirer

If you happen to enter Al-Quds University campus from its Northern main entrance where the majority of students, professors and guests of the University pass through, your attention will be drawn to the internal Northern reception lobby with all its beautiful and splendid stones and marble, produce of Palestine. The Antique Jerusalem stone in there was offered by the University friend Nassar Nassar, owner of Nassar Group for Stone and Marble in Palestine, for the restoration of the reception lobby, and to imprint the splendor of the Palestinian products and creativity in Jerusalem despite the occupation, its complexity and the difficult circumstances.

Nassar Nassar is a survivalist Palestinian businessman who began his successful journey since his tender age. He is a work oriented and persevering character who crossed the mountains of the Southern part of Palestine, and particularly from the city of Bethlehem, to work in the quarries extracting raw stones. He started working using the traditional production system but to Nassar Nassar this system was not a satisfactory working process which led him to seek new knowledge thus transforming the production line to cope with the advancement of the future. His technical creative production phase started when he performed his first promotional campaign for the Palestinian stone and marble in the American market. As any new out of the box entrepreneur , he faced opposition but through his stubborn will and determination, he proved capable of reaching achievements in marketing the Palestinian marble and stone as the ‘Jerusalem stone’ in the markets of several countries around the world.
Today, Nassar Investment Company has eight factories, of which three in Palestine and employ 1000 workers and employees from various disciplines. He was recently awarded the “Master of Stone” an Italian Award which he received for his excellent and hard work in this sector.

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