Infrastructure Fund

Through a generous fund from the Government of France

AQU campus in Beit Hanina is now a better place for educational, research & social life

Al-Quds University is now a perfect place to recruit more students to get involved in Business Administration and Economic and law school in Beit Hanina campus, after being renovated through a generous financial support of  The French government through the French Consulate General in Jerusalem and the help of the Palestinian financial Ministry/ Palestinian Authority’s.

the renovation has been executed by The Six Brothers Expressions Company, Eng. Hanna Ghawi. Supervised by the AQU Engineering Bureau.

The Campus Renewal provided a more secured place for the use of hundreds of students, yet, it ensured a friendly place for students and staff of special needs. the building now includes a video- conference room, and a computer lab for registration and admin facilities for students.    

The AQU campus in Baith Hanina in East Jerusalem offers the Jerusalemite students bachelor degree in Business Administration, Economics and Law.