Eng. Ziad Subhi Anabtawi, Friend’1997


Enthusiastic businessman and active philanthropist who was among the first group of friends who decided to provide the support that Al-Quds University needed at that time throughout its first steps to be an Institute with its constitution being carried out for the first time Ziad and our esteemed friends organized the first Charity dinner to support AQU needy students that was help in East Jerusalem and the revenue out of it helped to cover the tuition fees of many students at that time.

Eng. Anabtawi is a public figure and a well known Palestinian businessman who pursued his BA in Electrical Engineering and his Masters in Administrative Engineering from George Washington University in The United States of America. He is now the CEO of Anabtawi Group. He held chief positions in many leading Palestinian institutions and publicly-owned companies and is a founding member of many institutions, most important of which are Palestinian Businessmen Association and Palestinian Federation of Businessmen Associations.

Anabtawi Group is a family business that was established in 1963 specialized in  trade, manufacturing, agriculture, logistics and services, with branches in different areas within Palestine as well as globally. It is recognized for being an active group that applies a scientific approach to the strategic planning of its business and in managing its activities.

Eng. Ziad Subhi Anabtawi,Electrical Engineering, Administrative Engineering from George Washington University in The United States of America.
CEO of Anabtawi Group



  • Abdallah Khatib
  • Aidah Qasissieh
  • Al-Quds Newspaper
  • Asma ALGanem
  • At. Hafeth Tahboub
  • Basel Husseini
  • Bassem Abu Assab
  • Faisal Abdel Hadi
  • Fawzi Kawash
  • Fouad Jaber
  • fouad Oweis
  • Ghaleb Kalouty
  • H.E. Kamal Nasser
  • Hani Abu Diab
  • Hatem Abdel Qader
  • Hazem Qawasmi
  • Ibrahim Saleh Mustafa Al-Hafi
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  • Izzat Nusseibeh
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  • Jamal Abu Baker
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  • Khalil Al-Far
  • Lavenia Jahshan
  • Maher Shaikh
  • Mahmoud Khweis
  • Marwan Ghannam
  • Mazen Abu Hamdan
  • Mazen Jadallah
  • Mazen Qibti
  • Mazen Sunukrut
  • Mohamad Masrouji
  • Mohamad Shtayyeh
  • Munira Nusseobeh
  • Nabeel Qaddoumi
  • Nabil Khatib
  • Omar Alami
  • Omayya Khammash
  • Prof. Mohamad Noujeim, Bordeaux 1 University
  • Rawand Abu Hantash
  • Rida abbas
  • Riyad Dajani
  • Rowayda Naqash
  • Rula Al-Khateb Jar Allah
  • Saed Jar Allah
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  • Salwa Hdaib
  • Samya Barghouthi
  • Shukri Bsharah
  • Siham Abu Ayyash
  • Slem Soltan
  • Suhail Jad'oun
  • Talal Nasser Al-Din
  • Walid Abu Zuluf
  • Yahya Attar
  • Zaki Nusseibeh
  • Ziad Anabtawi
  • Ziad Asali
  • Zuhair Amad

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