Salwa Hdaib, Friend ‘2000


I graduated from Al-Quds University with masters in Israeli Studies, and before I got my bachelor in Social Studies from Al-Quds as well. I just simply find myself running to go there, I love that place where I got educated and so proud of the high level of education at Al-Quds.

 Al-Quds is not just a University with Academic and cultural programs that touch our human needs in Palestine, it’s the place which holds the name of the capital of Palestine "Jerusalem” which is “Al-Quds” in Arabic. It always reminds me that our Jerusalem is occupied, confiscated, however, it still stands in front of all temptations.

Its goal is to build the Palestinian people, thus supporting its development for me is considered to be just a simple action to hold, but fundamental in order to become a Palestinian leading Institute on the global level.  Go ahead AQU..May God bless you
Salwa Hdaib

 About S. Hdaib:

Mrs. Salwa is one of the prominent supporters of Al-Quds University since 2000. She had considered helping the University in every way she can; Every academic year, she brings over financial aid from business men in the Arab world to sponsor the tuition fees of unprivileged students. Two students last year benefited from her support. 

Mrs. Hdaib never stopped supporting the University to this extend, but she passed all that to attract the University's attention to help the honor students who's economical finance has stopped them from applying to any of the Universities to pursue their studies, and the University's President as per its policy towards the poor students, worked to help out to join the students’ community, like what has happened with one of the students who finished high school with honor degree from the city of Anata in East Jerusalem.

Mrs. Hdaib had graduated from Al-Quds University in 1982 with a bachelor degree in Social Studies. She also got her masters in Israeli Studies from AQU in 2005.  Currently, she is the Deputy Minister at the ministry of Jerusalem Affairs since 2010. She used to lead the same position at the Ministry of Women Affairs for 6 years.

She wrote many research papers and studies that mostly treat the Palestinian Women and  development.

Salwa Hdaib,Studies’ 1998. Israeli Studies’ 2005
Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs



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