Ibrahim Hafi, Supporter & Student’2014

Ibrahim Saleh Mustafa Al-Hafi is a refugee from Qaqoon village, lives in Shwekah village in Tulkarim.He is a father of three lawyers, the eldest Sabrin, Saleh and Ahmad, a senior student of law in Berzeit University. Sarah and Ghazal are still in middle and high school, Zeina the youngest is still in kindergarten.

He was orphan, lived poorly with his family. Therefore, his mother decided to work with a group of women in 1948 lands in order to afford her children’s education tuitions, so he got to know how to deal with hard situations despite his age. He preferred to continue his education in addition to working in summer. He always wanted to study in Germany or other European university, because he thought that they have the best universities internationally, however he knew that his desire to go there is to escape the reality he is living, studying working and so.

He went to prison after he finished Tajwehi because he belonged to Fatih organization, they said, so he went to Qalandia institute to study electronic engineering. I hate this major, because of the responsibilities my family and I had, my study tuition and my brother’s

He never thought that he will continue his education especially after getting married and having a family, and the financial situation was the same and was getting even worse.

About his wife, who seems to be the greatest supporter in his life, Al hafi said “I think she’s unique, her manners got me. She is an orphan who used to live in an orphanage in Nablus, the thing that made me more eager to marry her. She is the one who managed to encourage me to move on in my life.

He worked in different fields and got a lot of work positions, he also succeeded with determination. He spent 33 years working, 12 of them working in Palestine's liberation Organization and Palestinian workers association, and other 20 years in tourism ministry. I owe D. Ahmar Rafeeq Awad a favor for he was number one supporter in completing my education journey, he convinced me to apply and I did. He helped me through it all.

He joined Al-Quds University- Abu dis in 2014 after a 30 years-gap of no education. When he first joined media and Television College he faced some difficulties even though all people respected him and gave him support. He said that they all helped him getting along with a new environment.

He says Dr. Ghasan Al-Namir the head of media department was the first supporter. He also says” I put myself a standard, if I didn’t get above 90 it is not acceptable, therefore, I’ve always respected all lectures and did the homework and projects on time.”

He delivered his thankfulness to H.E. Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Rula Maaiaa who gave him the chance to pursue his studies while working in the ministry at the same time. He also thank his beloved wife who gave him all respect and support through his journey.

Al- Hafi is a general manager in Ministry of Tourism . He has a diploma in electronic engineering from Qalandia institute owned by UNRWA 1985 (ILO), and a diploma in administration.

Al-Quds University greatly value and cherish your great efforts Mr. Al-Hafi to help out students and to introduce us significant businessmen who,definitely,will have an outstanding impact.

With Our deepest appreciation and thankfulness for supporting our students financially and morally, We, at Al- Quds University, would love to welcome you as members of “AQU Friends” …Your presence and continual support will help us to secure our students a better environment to build up their future.


Haj Abu Nofel Lahouq

Haj Wajih El-Haj

Mr. Majdi Tarifi

Mr. Ameer Shahin

Lawyer Mr. Shadi Ayyad

Mr. mustafa Saleh Al-Hafi

Major General Mr. Salah Shadid.


Ibrahim Hafi,Supporter & Student’2014
Manager in Ministry of Tourism



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