Donations to be made by Alumni and Donors like you will always have an impact and make a real difference in the lives of our students, faculty, staff and the local community by enhancing their education, research, outreach programs and the overall academic excellence every single day.

Thank You for giving us the chance to develop and continue to better serve Jerusalem and Palestinian community.

Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, President.

Al-Quds University has been on a long and proud journey dating back to 1996, with a history which is intertwined in a curious spirit based on the roots of intellectual inquiry that Jerusalem, as a city, has embraced for decades.

Given the fact that AQU policy is based on three main convictions; freedom of thinking, freedom of expression, and the idea that everyone has the right to education, all men and women are equal and there is no discrimination against employ- ees or students on any basis such as gender, social status, disability, race, religion, political affiliation, or geographical location. This enabled us to have a major impact on the Palestinian society in general and on Jerusalem in particular.

We established the first degree in medicine, we started distinctive and relevant academic study programs such as Jerusalem and Area studies, and we have built community services, engagement and legal/social support networks. We have also identified a number of areas in which Al-Quds will have a lasting impact on the future of Palestinian society, with leading research labs in Anti-Cancer Drugs Research, Virology Research, Pharmaceutical Research and Nano-Technology.

The university is committed to provide an effective teaching and learning environment that is capable of enhancing the development of students and researchers, through stimulating intellectual, critical, and analytical thinking, while maintaining cultural and national values. Thus, graduates of Al-Quds University are equipped with necessary tools to handle existing and new challenges as well as real world problems that they may face.

It also has a strong commitment to the Holy City of Jerusalem and its Arab Palestinian population. The location of the University at the heart of Jerusalem constitutes the first line of defense to protect the Islamic and Arabic identity and heritage of the holy places in the city. Moreover, the university provides educational, intellectual, and cultural support and offers effective mechanisms to defend the rights of the Palestinian Jerusalemites who suffer from continued and systematic Israeli violations aimed at stripping them of their historical properties and uprooting them from their homes and identity.

Al-Quds University is a source of knowledge and a comprehensive place for learning and education. Not only it graduates students with different majors which the Palestinian society desperately needs, but also intellectual, political, and media leaders in society. The university also defends the rights of the nation and educates the world about the Palestinian cause. Despite the daily challenges that it faces due to Israeli occupation, Al-Quds University is a pioneer in establishing state-of-the-art faculties of medicine, health, science, and engineering as well as many other disciplines that are crucial for the Palestinian society.

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