1. Jerusalem Studies Center

Taking part in the JCS programs for the benefit of your children, friends and aquaintances using your membership number with the full name of the one to take part. Please contact us to connect you with the right person at the JCS to help you out. Thank you


  • 50% off Offered for our respected Alumni, Donors & Supporters.

Learn Arabic

  • 20% off Alumni and their friends, family members and acquaintances.
  • 30% off Donors and their Kids, family, friends and acquaintances.


2. Institute of Modern Media

The Good new here..It's not only you who can benefit from the below discounts, also the place where you work. All what you need to do is asking for this service using your membership number, indicate the name of your institute and the service you're looking for... We'll happy to serve you.

  • TV Flashes, 55 sec. 50% discount
  • Documentary film’s Production. 50% discount
  • TV Episodes, 45 mint per episode. 30% Discount
  • Shooting Activities (lectures, conferences, workshops, etc…) using one camera. 50% discount
  • Shooting Activities (lectures, conferences, workshops, etc…) using three cameras. 40% discount

Outcome: 5-6 CDs, bring up on Youtube, Media coverage through IMM media tools ( Al-quds Educational TV, Radio, on-line Hona Alquds)