Tahrir Hamamdeh


AQU is the best solution

After having my high school "Tawjihi" done in the year of 2004, with the rating of 93.1 I have had numerous number of opportunities to choose any of the available universities to study my BA at ,but with these options I had to consider my family's economic condition , and the fact that it's hard for a female lady to study in a university that's located far away from where she currently lives, therefore I went with Al-Quds university ,where I firstly started at the faculty of business , but due to the fact that the main teaching language at the faculty is English , I had to change my specialty to developmental Science , where I managed to study with Arabic language and gain high grades. Things went perfectly according to plan and I graduated top of my class with the rating of 86%.

Al-Quds university is one of these universities you get easily attached to, and during my 4 years journey studying at Al Quds, I have had the best days of my life, and memories I will never forget, as well as a high level of appreciation for the those who taught me and my respect to them will stay there with me till the very end of my life. After all it was a tough journey filled with adventure and obstacles that I had to go through.

After I've graduated in 2008, I immediately decided to keep going on the same path to finish my MA Degree by joining the Rural Development Program to graduate from Al-Quds again holding an MA degree in Sustainable Rural Development with the rating of “very good". Finally, Al-Quds University is highly appreciated on the labor market, and can assure that due to my daily engagement and the many years of work experience. 

Tahrir Hamamdeh, Develpment Studies'2003-MA in Sustainable Rural Development'2013