Fatima Al-Deek


To me Al-Quds University was once my second home

I’m originally from a village called Kufor-Nima located in the northern parts of Ramallah, been living in Palestine my whole life, but did some travelling to Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Jordan, and the united states. I’m an English language & lit graduate and currently work as a project coordinator in the business development division at Reach for Telecom services (one of the Paltel group companies).

I am married to a sweet guy named Mustafa who I met a few years back prior to college and been happily married for over 3 years now! I come from a family of 6 sisters, 3 brothers, and 8 grandsons (big family), my parents Mossa and Ruqayah are my pride and joy and I owe it all to them.

As for my achievements up until now, I’d like to think of it as a book that is not quiet done yet! Life is full of opportunities and to try them all is impossible at first glimpse but at a second it’s achievable and worth the effort!

Something in particular that I am proud of is my volunteer work experience in the Palestinian Red crescent society back in 2011-2012, where I had the chance to develop my very first professional skills, meet new people, travel, and be a good example for the younger generation.

Through the PRCS I had the chance to participate in an intensive program funded by the Danish Red Cross in vallekilde, Denmark.In which I’ve learned the components of leadership,cross-cultural cooperation,and the importance of volunteer work to the society.

The PRCS experience later on encouraged me to explore similar options in life, in that I mention the “Palestinian animal league society” a promising organization built on team-work and group-effort which I volunteered for in 2012-2013 and still willing to. In 2013 I participated in a program funded by the state department under “public policy and women in the MENA region” which was held in Washington DC by the American council of young political leaders.

Currently I am trying to get my driver’s license (or more like “pass” the test!) not exactly a huge achievement to others but to me will defiantly be considered one if I made it through! Fingers crossed!

 My journey with Al-Quds started In 2007/2008 where I graduated high school and got accepted to the English department (this was my second choice) I was aiming for law school! But ended up with Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde instead! Not that I regret that, but definitely still have law school in mind.

Time at Al-Quds went so fast although I spent over 5 years getting my degree (haven’t really got the chance to get the transcripts nor the certificate yet mainly due to my lack of commitment (not that I am not planning to do so!), in addition to some series of fortunate and unfortunate events I’ve been to, of that I mention constant failing!, travelling, marriage, other commitments, and again FAILING!

Although I loved literature and still do! I wasn’t exactly a straight-A type of student, but for some reason professors saw potentials in me and encouraged me to do the right thing many times, a lot of them had mentioned on several occasions that if I worked on my commitment issues I could easily be a straight-A student with minimal efforts. But again, with all I’ve been putting myself into, it took a lot of time and effort to finally pass all my courses and start my carrier.

Some of the professors that I still remember today and haven’t really got the chance to say a proper “thank you” to are the likes of professor, Nael Nofal, who taught me to be there on time for his class not because I have to, But because I WANT to! Professor Nofal is by far one of the most decent and respectable teachers I’ve ever met and I am honored to have known him.

When I think of “Al-Quds” friendship is the first thought that comes to mind, luckily I was able to keep some of that now that I’ve graduated. I also think of the exciting daily road trip to Abu-Dees and back and the “not so exciting” traffic jam at the entrances of both Ramallah and Azariyah.

To me Al-Quds University was once my second home for 5 years on the row! I spent more time there than that with my family. I know every inch! Every classroom! Every coffee shop! Every corner and every tree!

But as the song goes “it’s not always rainbows and butterflies”, in my second year I lost a dear friend of mine, Mohammad Hussain, who passed away at a very young age in the ugliest way anybody could ever imagine! Mohammad’s life was taken away by his own cousin for a family dispute on a Wednesday afternoon. I had no classes that day and I heard the news the day after on the radio, I was shocked to hear of Mohammad’s death and I couldn’t believe how one day you’re sipping coffee with someone and the next you’re gone! With no reason! He’s simply gone and is no longer a friend of yours! I can’t help but remember Mohammad each time I visit the university, and I’m sure many of his friends share this feeling, for he’s worth remembering.

At Al-Quds University I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly! But most importantly I’ve learned the hard way that success can never be achieved without the help of friends and family! The very formative experience that I had changed the course of my life! and now, as it is such an honor to be a member of Al-Quds Alumni I would like to send out a message to my fellow students of Al-Quds University: “you’re a part of all that you’ve met” so allow yourself to experience life with all the diversity it has, get outside your comfort zone and accept change, good things will come your way!

Fatima Al-Deek, English literature '2012