Shahd Taweel


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The challenge of sample-stabilisation in the era of multi-residue analytical methods: A practical guideline for the stabilisation of 46 organic micropollutants in aqueous samples

Science of The Total Environment, January 2013
Water sample storage and stabilisation may affect data quality, if samples are managed improperly. In this study three stabilising strategies are evaluated for 46 relevant organic micro-pollutants: addition of the biocides (i) copper sulphate and (ii) sodium azide to water samples directly after sampling with subsequent sample storage as liquid phase and (iii) direct solid phase extraction (SPE), stabilising the samples by reducing the activity of water. River water and treated effluent were chosen as commonly investigated matrices with a high potential of biotransformation activity. Analyses were carried out for sample storage temperatures of 4 and 28 °C for water samples stored as liquid phase and for sample storage temperatures of 4, 20 and 40 °C for SPE cartridges. Cooling of water samples alone was not sufficient for longer storage times (> 24 h). While copper sulphate caused detrimental interferences with nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds, sodium azide proved to be a suitable stabilising agent. The best results could be obtained for SPE cartridges stored cool. Recommendations for samples preservation are provided.

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AQU helped to shape my character and my personality

Looking back at the time when I was a freshmen doing nothing but planning how to get a job after 4 years and then being an actual working woman, it makes me smile, I’ve always knew what I wanted and where I want to be. But I got a great help from the University that opened wide hands and held for over than 4 years, being an active student at the main campus of Al Quds University taught me everything that I needed to earn to get where I am now. And here I am not suggesting big salaries nor big positions, I am suggesting a great psychological impact that was left on me when my first job position was offered and it was also in the campus and I was 20 years old still!

I had some great opportunities in Al Quds University that helped to shape my character and my personality, I was a volunteer at Students affair for 4 and half years, and since I was a person who had a goal I’ve always been focusing in working with foreigners more, wither they were exchange students or even visitors who came to the university.

I’ve also been a part of many activities inside and outside the main campus.

I’ve been one of the few students who got the chance to take two philosophy courses with Prof. Sari Nusseibeh and him above all teachers that I had was the best teacher ever because he has never answered a question that I asked, he would always find a way to take the answer from me. These courses were the best courses through my entire educational life and I am so thankful that I was picked to be part of it. Dr. Said Zeedani also gave me and another 11 students a course in Freedom as a concept in all sectors of life and now since I work in a national society that is well connected to International law I believe that this course had the most precious information in the field of Human rights and so on.

Now after 2 years of my graduation I still quote from Dr. Munther Dajani’s words we used to have long conversations in all kind of things and his words has been traveling with me everywhere I go.

Nowadays I hold a position of a Project Coordinator ant Palestine Red Crescent Society in coordination with Spanish Red Cross. The second day of my graduation I was employed at the Danish Red Cross as a Reports Assistant. And I am more than thankful that I didn’t spent one day unemployed after graduation.

I am also a Volunteer at PRCS, doing all kind of humanitarian work that I could do, starting from EMT services and ending at submitting translations and reports.

I am still eager to get back to my mother University if not as a MA student maybe as an employee.

Written about Shahd by Nuria Berro- Spanish Journalist:

With a determined smile on her face. Her office, on the ground floor of the headquarters in Ramallah, is the favorite of all staff. Its right next to the kindergarten and the screams and the little games he mixed with the laughter of young people, joking with coffee and coffee whilst planning their working week.
There I met Shahd Taweel , who told me that volunteering was in her blood. "Like a virus?” I asked. "Yes, but a good one" was quick to clarify. Her determination and firm conviction the role and responsibility of youth in the future of Palestine impressed me. At 22, she perfectly represents hope for me that positive within a hostile environment. It is able to look beyond the difficulties and assume their role in the change: "We need to build a solid foundation in society to be able to handle our country when the occupation ends. And for that, youth is the best investment we can make. "
When I look back and remember the time I shared there, the history of the wall or Shahds’ words are, above all, want to keep in my memory as a small treasure”

Shahd Taweel, English Literature '2013