Hanan Abu Ghalyah


First Female Medical Doctor in Arab Jahaleen Tribe.

I finished Tawjihi in 2006, and got the second top grade in my school, Abu Dis girls school, and from the first top ten in Jerusalem’s suburb.

Al-Quds university grants, annually, scholarships for the three top students to study medicine for the first one, engineering for the second, and science for the third; and because I wanted to study medicine not engineering, and being the first woman in Arab Jahaleen who wishes to be a medical doctor, Al-Quds University switched my scholarship to medicine and my parents were so proud.

I started the first year in 2007 very hard with my father’s –may his soul rest in peace- and my mother’s support, they were in my back for 6 years of studying which took almost all my time.

Despite my father and nephew loss, I exceeded the ordeal and finished the successful six years, and thanks to god; I made my family proud becoming the first doctor in the Tribe.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me, was in for me, my siblings, my mother, my colleagues, and my Professors on campus and in the hospitals. A special thanks for my University whom I’m always proud of, who gave me the most precious certificate in my life.

My ambition didn’t stop there, with the support of my husband and all who are around me, I’m now getting my specialization in the Palestine Medical complex – gynecology Department.

Dr. Hanan Su’oud Abu Ghalyah, Medicine '2013