Assaf Bleidi

The grace Al-Quds University gave me was its education.

I graduated from AlQuds University with a CS degree despite all the difficulties me and my fellow students faced during the First Intifada in 1987. The first Intifada caused our cut off from education for three long years. Then we got back to our beloved university and continued to raise and honor its name in the face of oppressive occupation that never stopped to plant obstacles in our educational pathway.

AlQuds University excelled at teaching Computer Science at the time of my study, so the few graduates were all sophisticated and well experienced. We were what lifted Palestine electronically and established CS departments in the universities all over the country. This helped with my employment in the Bank of Palestine later on.

The time of my study was like a golden era in both my life and that of the university; Kuwait used to fund the university’s facilities and laboratories in order to improve the educational level. Besides that, the university had an amazingly proficient staff that dedicated their lives for the university. The university also followed a law in which only excellent students get accepted to study in it, and a tuition exemption program was available for us. But after Kuwait stopped funding us, the financial situation declined.

The grace that the university gave me was its education. The expertise we gained assisted us with finding jobs in a time of job scarcity. We were preferred over other graduates because our educational system was comprehensive; a chemist had to study mathematics, biology, physics and many more sciences. That gave me and my fellow students the ability of working in many fields other than the one of our degree.

My professors were committed to teaching and that helped me get to where I am now. I also worked with exertion to lift myself up and get this high position in such a tense political situation. At that time, Israel carried out a campaign to arrest our graduates as to stop them from developing the country with their knowledge.

To me, continuing to develop Al-Quds University is our duty, in order to reinforce the Palestinian intelligence.

Assaf Bleidi, Computer Science '1985