Dauod Dar’awi

First Masters’ Degree to see light from behind the bars.

Dauod had first enrolled in the faculty of science in 1992, then in 1994 tp Faculty of Law cause he discovered that he’s on earth to defend and stand for many cases, where he contributed in forming committees for students’ movements in AQU, and he was an important political activist.

While pursuing his MA degree in Law, Dauod worked with different human rights institutions; Al-Haq, Al Hay’a AlMustaqbilayiah until he got cut off education and work due to getting imprisoned by occupied military. However, imprisonment did not discourage him, it did the complete opposite. He spent most of his time in jail writing his Master thesis about “the stance of judges corresponding to absolute binding evidence in civil and commercial confirmation”. His wife Mrs. Fatima Muaqat (who happened to be AQU graduate of Law as well) helped him a lot, she used to take up his drafts from jail to his advisory professor and return the edited versions back to her husband in Jail in her next visit (when she was allowed to). It was the first Master thesis to be admitted from behind the bars, and it qualifies its writer to finally graduate and get his MA certificate in law in 2003.

Dauod was freed in 2004 as a result of swapping agreement between, where,afterwards, he  worked with an international movement to defend children’s rights; he became a trainer for five years where he gained great knowledge and experience in administration and strategic planning. Then he worked in civil and criminal judiciary. This experience made him a more creative person.

Working in different human rights institutions provided Dauod with the ability to evaluate projects, plan strategically. This enabled him as well to open and run a law institution to support human rights with some friends. Moreover, he got the chance to work as a consultant with UNISEF in Yemen then became the national interlocutor representative (That is a success story itself). He also worked in the constitution committee there, then back home again.

When it comes to voluntary work, Dauod was and still active. He’s a member in administration councils in some institutions.

Daoud is a successful lawyer, independent pioneer who is willing to make a change and defend human cases. Besides that, he strives politically, is a judge, and is a short story writer.

Dauod Dar’awi, Law'1997- Masters'2003