Ruba Jadua


I wanted something different, away and exciting

Although I could study in Bethlehem but I chose Al Quds University because I wanted something different, away and exciting. That’s how I used to portray Al Quds University. Then I enrolled successfully and finished my B.A in computer science. For this purpose, I lived in Abu dies for 3.5 years at Al Ramouni building just beside the university. All of the students who lived with me in the same building were studying medicine except meJ. I was the only one who was studying science. Many of them are from Hebron, others are from the north and they were all intelligent and hardworking students. Maybe living in Abudies was one of the most prominent adventures that I will not forget for a long time and the relationships that I constructed, I will never forget for ages. Many of my friends are now married and living in Saudi Arabia and abudabi working as dentists and physicians. I remember when I left my family for the first time in my life to start new interesting adventure and I have to say it was really a happy one. That’s not all; my first job opportunity was through the university also. One of the Ramallah NGO organizations was implementing internship program for IT students and asked the activity department of the university to choose students for them. Where they chose 2 and I was one of them at that time. Then after I finished the internship program and for my good performance, the organization asked from me to work for them and that’s how I started my career life. That’s how I started studying in Abudies and that’s how it ended and in between there are numerous adventures that I cannot count; only I can remember many of them at different times and smile.

Ruba Jadua,computer science