Yasser Jaffal

Y.Jaffal on the left discussion with his teammate during participation in Arab Game Jam competition in Malmo, Sweden in Summer 2013 


Hassan Najadat, Yasser Jaffal, Omar Darwish, Niveen Yasser, "A Classifier to Detect Abnormality in CT Brain Images, The 2011 IAENG International Conference on Data Mining and Applications, 16-18 March, 2011, Hong Kong, Pages 374- 377
Hassan Najadat, Yasser M. Jaffal, Basel A. Mahafzah, and Safwan S. Al-Omari, “A new Fine-Grained Multithreaded Game Engine Approach”. International Journal of Modelling and Simulation 2014

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AQU is the place in which I find myself motivated

To do more, to help my students in getting the best quality education,I started pursuing my bachelor degree in 2001 as a student of the Faculty of Engineering at AQU, as my intention was to become a computer engineer. Two years later I reviewed my progress and had a more clear vision about my interests and what I really love to do. Therefore I decided to change to computer science department. I would say that was one of the most important decisions in my life, since it allowed my to focus only on the subjects that I found myself excited to explore; which helped me enhancing my academic performance and eventually graduating with very good rating in the summer semester 2005.
Postgraduate Studies:
Six months after acquiring my B. Sc. in computer science from AQU, I was selected by the CS department to work as teaching and research assistant, and stayed in that position until the end of summer semester 2008 when I left to Jordan to study for Master's degree financed by a scholarship from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). At the beginning of 2011 I obtained my M. Sc. in Computer Science from Jordan University of Science and Technology with Very Good rating. My Master's thesis focused on the design of multithreaded game engines that can exploit the power of multi-core modern processors, and the results were published in a paper in 2013.
Doctoral Studies:
I came back to AQU University after finishing my Master's and worked for on year as an instructor at CS department. In 2012 I left to Germany to start my Ph. D. studies at Kassel University. I am currently in my 3rd year in Ph. D. and pursuing research in the field of serious game design and assessment. My Ph. D. is also financed by a scholarship from DAAD.
Current Progress:
I have already 2 published papers in the field of data mining and multithreaded software design. These two were of topics I worked on during my Master's study. In addition to working on my Ph. D. research, I have published a college book on the European website Bookboon. The book is titled “Practical Introduction to 3D Game Development” (http://bit.ly/1rkQubF) and targets beginners who like to learn game programming and development.
In addition to my interest in game development and design I am also interested in enriching the Arabic content on the web. Therefore I have translated my mentioned book to Arabic in addition to being active member on some of top Arab communities on the web. I also work with the global educational website (Coursera.org) as a coordinator for the Arabic language and take the responsibility of translating a number of top courses this website offers to Arabic.

Yasser Jaffal, CS'2005