Samar Awadallah


AlQuds University did the biggest role

In motivating me and involving me in voluntary and community work.  I started with GWITA (google women in technology ambassadors) program which targeted women and tried to make them more involved in technology.  I was the only one chosen from Palestine among 20 other ladies chosen from MENA (Middle East and North Africa). I started spreading the messages I learnt there to my colleagues and even to other universities.

The second program was GDG & GDGW (google developer group & GDG women). I am now a manager in Ramallah’s branch. These programs aim to raise the whole community (GDGW for women basically) in technology field and offer tools and training courses so they can catch up with the world technological level.

My current role is also Women Tech maker-WTM, which is a completion to GDGW and it is also the first time to be in Palestine and monitored by Al-Quds University graduate- me.

Also I participated in many training courses with google in which I represented Palestine in general and Al Quds University in particular; Google Summit 2013 /Amman-Jordan, and Global devfest event in Istanbul-Turkey 2014 are two examples.

Samar Awadallah, computer engineering ' 2014