Salah Bader

AQU University Name Is Raised Up High In The Sky

I enrolled in AlQuds University in 1987, got both my BA and Masters Degrees from there, and after graduating, I couldn’t break the strong bond I had with the university. I’m now the manager of the civil department in Al-Irtibat in Abu Dis. One of the most important incidents I went through while working near AlQuds University was when I got involved in the battle of building the separation wall. I believe that this battle which we fought against the Israelis, and won, should be a part of the curriculum. Each student should know that the Israelis wanted to build their tyrannical wall inside the university, but we didn’t abide by their decision and stayed around the university- in tents- for 33 days protecting it.

I got my Masters degree in human development and building institutions. Besides education, AlQuds University helped me gain many skills that got me to where I am now. I’m still involved in the ongoing battle with the Israelis; I’m now in charge of C areas that are exposed to Zionist attacks.

Although my studying experience was not that safe, but it was worth it. Building the wall, closing the university, having to attend classes in tents outside, daily violations, and more, are obstacles I had to face along with my fellow classmates, and together, we overcame everything and raised AlQuds’ name up high in the sky.

Later on, we formed the alumni and I’m happy we did.

Salah Bader, Physics '1995