Jehad Abu Rub



“AQU It’s a great place to study at.

I can summarize my journey in Al-Quds University (2007- 2014) as bachelor and masters student using few words:
As my University,I call it mine because it’s like my second home that I belong to.  From day one, I witnessed many improvements on my academic and social abilities, which means it’s a great place to study.
My experience was not only academic; it got fulfilled with social work, volunteer work, and many more activities. That reflects nowadays on my work outside University.

After finishing my bachelor study in 2011 in biology and medical technology, I continued my journey in getting my masters degree in 2014 in advanced diagnostic microbiology and immunology, which enhances my chances at getting a good job. 
My work develops daily as I get more experience and I revise what I learn. This development surely was not to be achieved without the abilities that have been submitted to me while living and studying in Al-Quds University. This message is what I want to come in people’s minds whenever they hear the name of my University. I wish everyone can help and support AlQuds University to overcome all the difficulties, especially the occupational ones.

Jehad Abu Rub, BSc'2007, MS'2014

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