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  • مسابقة الافلام القصيرة "صنع في المتوسط
  • اختيار فيلم "هيك القانون" للمشاركة في مهرجان المرآة العربية في هولندا

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Choosing AlQuds University was not random

I would’ve been unable to continue my studies without the scholarship dedicated for martyr’s children by AlQuds University. Today I’m proud of screening one of my films in Cann’s cinematic festival in France. I enrolled in the faculty of Arts to study what I’m passionate about in AlQuds University (2002) after I scored 85% in Tawjihi, literary stream. Choosing AlQuds University was not random; my father is a martyr and the family couldn’t afford further education, but AlQuds University saved me from ignorance and offered me free education.

My relationship with AlQuds University grew stronger when I finished my last semester there and headed to AlQuds’ Educational TV to train. Three months later, I got a job in the same center. I nowadays work in film production.

Besides AlQuds University, the institution of Screens for Females’ Cinema helped me develop my skills and added to my knowledge. In 2008, my first short movie “Rahaf” was published. I have produced 5 short movies until this day, all published by the same institution: Screens for Females’ Cinema, all of them were screened both locally and internationally.

One of them is called “Awladi Habaybi” (2013) and it won a competition: Made in the Middle East” and got screened in Cann’s festival in France, and was chosen by the UNESCO to represent the day of International Solidarity for Palestinians. Another one is “Heik Il Qanun” (2012) and it was selected to be screened in Holland in Women’s International Day.

I’m looking further to complete my studies in the field I love and I hope AlQuds University helps me with it.

Fadia Salah AlDin, AlDin, Media and Television '2006