Suhail Abu Shushah

He is a basketball player since day one, his passion is the secret behind his maturity in his challenging skills. He became a player in the national Palestinian basketball team before finishing his high school. Not just that, he even participated with the team in several international championships. He also got a lot of awards, the youngest basketball player in Tunisia is one of them.

He used the athletes’ scholarship after finishing high school to attend Literature College in Al-Quds University, majoring in urban studies. His education life didn’t prevent him from practicing his favorite hoppy. Therefore, he became one of the founders of the university basketball team in which they participated in a lot of local and international championships.

After his graduation, he worked in the Bank of Jordan in Jericho, however, this was the opposite of his real ambitions, he wanted to continue his studies in his major. Then he grabbed the chance in having a scholarship from the government of France to study masters there, he competed with 69 other competitors, and he got it. Beside his studies, he also worked there with a couple of French institutions, like the municipality. After finishing his masters, he went back to Palestine, he was the first to join the staff team of Rawabi city. His success led him to another success, he was the only Palestinian student who got two scholarships from the government of France in a row, and he got another scholarship to continue his PHD. After a lot of effort, he succeeded, and worked in a project; a program can locate the Palestinian authority.

When he came back to Palestine in 2011, he started with one of his colleagues setting up the first basis work in Rawabi. After that, he decided to work with the private sectors, in order to benefit students with his skills. Today, Abu Shushah works as planner of geographical information systems in Jericho, he’s part of a project in which it builds a number of fancy buildings, in addition to hotels and fun lands sponsored by Badico company.

D. Suhail Abu Shusheh, , Geography and Urban Studies’1999
Planner of geographical information systems