Fatima Zeere

Al- Quds University is my Harvard

I submitted to join Al-Quds University, but frankly speaking, I got disappointed to be accepted, I was all time dreaming to join another university and I was not lucky to be there.

I can remember my first day at Al-Quds, being hopeless and angry. I started to get to know the academic staff who inspired me a lot, intelligent and kind people, they made me feel like someone else full of energy and then I realized that I’m in the right place.

A lovely 3 years and a half just run so fast. I wasn't so lucky to get a job after my graduation, though, I don’t feel sad, nor weak, Al-Quds University taught me never give up, and it’s never too late.

Nowadays, Iam trying to write an eco-finance book .I have plans for the coming year to offeraccounting internship to Al-Quds University students. At the end I would proudly say that Al-Quds University is my Harvard

Fatima Zeere,Finance and Banking’2013