Haifa Sweilem

When thinking about the time I spent with wonderful friends and colleagues, I cannot forget my friends from the master’s study who were the best buddies I have ever met my whole life. When it was impossible for me to attend mid-week class sometimes due to work, they always had everything covered for me. Their help enabled me to keep my degrees at a higher standard. My professors, Dr. Omar Najjar and Dr. Mohammad Thawabteh, have also supported me since I was a distinguished student.

No one disagrees how difficult it is to study and have a full time job, but it was worth it. MA in Translation and Interpretation opened gates of opportunities widely for me. Specifically, at the US consulate where I have worked for 5.5 years; having the credentials, I became in charge of translating the bigger part of the consular sections web page and edit other parts translated by work mates, in addition to being the sole, local employee writer and translator for the consular section's Face Book page (the other writer was the American consul). Indeed, with masters in translation, someone ambitious like me always looks for the best shot, the best opportunity. DynCorp managers did not hesitate for one second to take me as one of their translation staff located in Jericho. About three months later, I was offered the position of legal translator at the International Legal Foundation in Ramallah. If I would consider any of these positions as "the best", being a legal translator would be the one. Being wanted to work with a successful, international organization is hell of a feeling when you hear: "We need You with us"! later on,  I decided to prepare for the Ministry of Justice translation test. I think translators must be accredited to receive more opportunities, getting paid more, and to be considered credible. I always search for what resonates with my knowledge desires. I call myself a "knowledgeaholic" (meaning addicted to knowledge), that's why I have enrolled, again, for the masters program in European studies. Why this decision/shift? I think the program completes the circle I have been drawing since my BA study. This program will elevate my linguistic skills in a better manner; if one desires to become a translator, one should always draw on a variety of subjects to enrich their lexicon.

H. Sweilem,English Literature’2008, MA Lang. Interpretation & Translation’2012

Visa and Migration Assistant- Consulate General of Sweden