Ghada Abu-hilal

I was able to the take the advantage of being a student at Al-Quds University..So Proud

Time I’ve spent studying at Al-Quds University was lovely and fruitful. I was not there to only get a bachelor certificate; I also focused on my personality, self- confidence and skills, taking into consideration the advantage of the so many people I meet and communicate with, on campus, daily.

I remember those days when I used to feel shy to stand in front of my colleagues in class to present something. I didn’t feel like a special girl, but through time, I managed to break my inner barriers, and how lovely it was…I began to feel like I’m some big time… I built more confidence in my abilities.. I remember that day when I met representers of 40 Palestinian big companies..I was a self-confidant strong girl discussing important issues with people I had met for the first time. The same was while presenting my pre-graduation project in front of a large number of audiences including my colleagues, family and my friends. Being a skillful bashful speaker along with a well-planned project, helped me to get the highest score in the college.

Now, I feel proud with the major leap in my personality, and more proud being able to take the advantage of being a student at Al-Quds University.

Ghada Abu-hilal,Business Administration’2015