Ehab Shaqoura

I got effective training while being a student that provided me with knowledge and self-confidence to pursue my career life

I was a Google Student Ambassador at Al-Quds University in the first generation through the last one from 2012 to 2014, during that time, I have held a number of related community activities like hosting and organizing events, public speeches at AQU and other Palestinian Universities about technology, other events through which I’ve hosted Google Managers to introduce Google products and services, taking part on Expotech-Palestine’s Technology week 2012, EMECS-thon 2014 participant-an embedded system Marathon. While being an engineering Student at Al-Quds, I’ve took part on activities as a volunteer, some had to do with Engineering Faculty society, After-Graduation parties for students, book exchange campaigns. On the Graduation party of the Engineering School 2009, I was honored to deliver a speech as a current student and in 2014 as a Graduate. During my study, I was well trained on the technical level and the personal skills’ level that provided me with the knowledge and self-confidence to pursue my career life after graduation

Ehab Shaqoura, Computer Engineering’2014

Network Engineer (Voice) at NextLevel Technology system-NTS