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  2. Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO 2011 Oncology Trainee Award, May 2011.
  3. Chief  Medical Resident Award. In recognition of outstanding contribution to the internal medicine residency program University of Illinois at Chicago, Advocate Christ medical center. 2008-2009.
  4. National ACP Merit Award in recognition of associates vignette poster competition winner,Internal Medicine, Washington, DC. 2008
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  6. John O’Brien award for excellence in clinical medicine,University of Illinois at Chicago,Advocate  Christ Medical Center, June 2008.
  7. Award  for  the  best  Clinical  Vignette  Presentation  at  the  Clinical  Vignette  and  Research  Fair  at Advocate Christ Medical Center,Oak Lawn,Illinois,2007.
  8. Undergraduate research awardfrom Howard Hughes MedicalInstitute EducationInitiative,IowaState University,Ames, Iowa,1998.

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My Roots At Al-Quds university


I am deeply connected to my roots at Al-Quds. This is the place where I first grew as a medical student. I consider myself a lucky person to have been one of the first group of graduates of Al-Quds university medical school. Training at Al-Quds had contributed the most to my career success. 

It is more than just a place where I studied medicine. It is not by the number of years spent there. It is a school where I learned many skills that gave me the power to a successful life and career. I admired my Al-Quds teachers and colleague who had a significant impact on my career choices. I learned to fight for justice and pursue dreams where everyone else thought they are impossible. 

I did accomplish a lot in the last 13 years but I still strive for more opportunities and challenges in career and life.

Dr. Muaiad Kittaneh, MD, Medical School '2001

FACP, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Wayne state University- Detroit, MI, USA