Kamal Hamdan

College books:

  1. كتاب "طرق تدريس اللغة العبرية" للمتخصصين في اللغة العبرية
  2. كتاب "ترجمة 2" للمتقدمين في دراسة اللغة العبرية
  3. كتاب "محادثة 1"،وكتاب "استماع ومحادثة متقدمة للمتخصصين في اللغة العبرية"
  4. مراجعة وتعديل كتاب لتعليم اللغة العبرية في وكالة زاد للنشر والطباعة في القاهرة 2013

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Thanks and Appreciation for AQU

It is too hard for anyone to write his story in few words, the fact that I have to document the life events I lived in limited lines is difficult as well. No one can summarize what he had lived in a hurry. However, I hope that someone will be able to benefit from what I have to say, especially by the worthy things in my story. I am hoping as well that the reader will be able to learn from the mistakes I made. We all have our moments of weaknesses and strengths where we can be right or wrong, succeed or fail, where we can move forward or take a step back. A wise person is one who is able to learn from the experiences of others.
I will be mentioning the most prominent events of my career. Starting by speaking about my academic achievements so far. I got my master’s degree in Regional studies- Israeli studies from Al-Quds University, Gaza branch in June 2008 by having a very good grade. My thesis statement for my project was titled: The Transfer Understanding in Zionist Thinking since the Establishment of Israel (1948-2007). It was an outstanding experience that opened doors of new opportunities for me.
I am now about to finish my PhD in the Zagazig University in Egypt. I am now continuing my studies in the field of Political Science, digging through what I learned about the Israeli matter. I am improving my skills and getting to know the subject more through reading and working hard. The title of my PhD thesis is “The Influence of the Ultra-Orthodox Parties on the General Policies Inside the State of Israel (YahudotHatorah, for example, 1992-2015)Adding to that I am studying now in the institution of “Researches and Arabic Studies” in Cairo in order to get a diploma from there. It is a really useful experience.
I’m learning and getting to know some scholars who have great academic and political achievements. I also got a “Legal Translation License to the Hebrew Language” from the ministry of justice of Palestine. This opened new chances in working with legal translations and expanding my experience in that field. As a result of that, I got appointed as a member in the committee of granting licenses for legal translators. I also got my Bachelor’s degree in “Nursing Studies” from Al Quds university branch of Ramallah in September 1999. I gained a lot from this program in my academic, practical, and daily life.

Additionally, I had courses in: “Writing project proposals”, “learning skills in discussing business matters in English”, “planning SMET projects”, three courses with the United Nations relief and work agency (UNRWA) in the university of Azhar in Gaza, and I learned about anthropology in a Hebrew course at the Hebrew university of West Jerusalem. I studied different languages in different institutions.For example, I learned Hebrew in the Hebrew university and in Gaza, and learned French in the institution of Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA).  I got different medical courses in Hebrew, courses in CCF science, and computer skills. These courses made it possible for me to work as a legal translator in the Hebrew language, it made it easier as well for me to speak English and French fluently. Studying all these languages improved my skills in leadership, managing, and different other skills.

As for my work, I am now working as a lecturer in the Islamic University of Gaza giving multiple courses teaching the Hebrew language, educational supervisor in the program of field training for teaching Hebrew in the schools of Gaza, and a lecturer in Al Zaytoonah College in teaching courses similar to: “the economy and the Israeli media.”  All of this is in addition for my basic job in the section of the Israeli Affairs in the office of the Presidency office in Gaza. Furthermore, I worked as a lecturer in Al Ummah University in Gaza. There I taught: “The Israeli media”, “Refuges and the forced migration,” and worked as a lecturer in teaching Hebrew in the Polytechnic University of Gaza.

I also work as a legal translator from Hebrew to Arabic in the Al Alsan Center for Legal Translation and Media. I worked as an examiner in the committee of giving licenses in legal translation in the Hebrew language in the Palestinian ministry of justice in Gaza. I teach the Hebrew language in several educational institutions in Gaza. I worked in media editing in the Hebrew language in “Palestine T.V” in Gaza. I worked as a qualified nurse in ShaareZedek Medical Center of West Jerusalem, and worked in translation from English to Arabic and vise versa in a course training for journalists during a collaboration between UNESCO and Maan news agency.

I participated in a number of conferences and seminars, I prepared and presented the sixty six ceremony for the commemoration of the Nakba at Az-Zaytoonah College of Science and Development of Gaza in June 2014. I prepared and lectured in a course for the media workers in Gaza, in which we discussed the Israeli media and its effect on the public life in Israel for three days in the Center of Political and Development Studies of Gaza in January 2014. I practiced in a worksheet about the role of the Israeli media in the issue of Jerusalem in cooperation with the Jerusalem Foundation International Scientific Symposium of Gaza in June 2013. In addition to that, I participated in a worksheet on the Zionist media policy in dealing with the issue of Jerusalem in an educational seminar for the club of media journalists and the international organization of Jerusalem- Gaza in October 2012. I participated in another worksheet which was called: “Jerusalem in the Perspective of Zionists” in a meeting that was held in Negev Research and Development and Certification organization in Gaza. I participated in a worksheet on the Israeli media strategy around Jerusalem, which was held in the International Organization of Jerusalem in Gaza. I participated in a worksheet on the Israeli position regarding the right of return in the international convention that was held in the Islamic University in cooperation with the center of return of London. I also did three meetings and seminars in cooperation with the Educational Relief Agency and other community-based educational organizations in the agency for the benefit of the student. I participated in events and activities that were done by the institute of Fighting Smoking and Dangerous Drugs in Gaza. I participated in several radio programs such as the Voice of Jerusalem and been on other Arabic TV channels discussing several Israeli issues.

I also wrote several specialized University books such as; “Hebrew language teaching methods” for specialists in Hebrew language. Also “translation 2” for advanced Hebrew language students. The book "Conversation 1", the book "Advanced listen and talk for professionals in the Hebrew language."I also worked on the review and modification of a book to teach the Hebrew language forZad agency for Publishing and Printing in Cairo in 2013.

I supervised the research theses at the Nation University in 2013 to help the student, "Fadia Al Haj Ahmed" to achieve BA media certificate the project was entitled: "The role of the Ministry of Prisoners in Gaza in raising the awareness of the Palestinian public about issue of the prisoners of the Israeli occupation". As well as I supervised the preparation of a documentary film "ambition through deficit", at the University of the nation in 2013 to achieve a BA journalism and media for the student “Aya Asilym”. These experience have highlighted the talent of writing and authoring, and enhanced the ways of scientific research I have.

As for the members of the NGOs, I am a board member in the form of the Negev Research and Development and Documentation (NCRDD) in Gaza. I’m a member of the anti-smoking dangerous drugs Society in Gaza. Member of the license examiners of legal translators’ jury of the Palestinian Ministry of Justice. Member of the Writers Association of Palestinians-Gaza. Member of the Association of Egyptian translators "Egita" in Cairo.

I have been awarded with appreciation certificates from several associations and institutions like; Certificate of Appreciation from educational management relief agency in Gaza on voluntary work and management meetings. As well as a certificate of appreciation from the anti-smoking association and dangerous drugs on volunteer work.The contribution to the NGOs is considered a religious and national duties, which enhance the sense of belonging and national learning and cooperation and altruism.

In the end, one cannot be but thankful for the educational institutions and greatly appreciates his teachers. And to wish success and excellence and creativity to his students and his supporters.

Kamal Mohammad Hamdan, Israeli Studies ‘2008 Gaza Strip

Israeli Affairs, Presidency Office- Gaza

Lecturer & Educational Supervisor, Islamic University of Gaza.

Legal Translator