Hassn Jameel Saleem

“My Dream came true At Al-Quds University”

God created Adam , and had him blessed with innate virtue of admiring to learn , and explore , as fate decided for me to be one of Adams' sons I was as well blessed with that enthusiastic , blessed feeling of innately admiring , and exploring the worlds around me. Yet sometimes our life's circumstances will not allow us have the best of it, due to the tough economic situations and other family matters and concerns. However, Al-Quds University made my dream come true by allowing me to study law in their very understanding " Evening Educational System " that opened a great path for me to study and work at the same time, Al-Quds support and great understanding of the situation had me achieve my goals of holding Law bachelor degree, and the dream of becoming an academic lecturer after finalizing my MA degree, to spread out the knowledge I've learned and help develop our beloved generations.

Hasan Jameel Saleem,Bachelor Degree In law ‘2014
General Director in the Office of the President of the State of Palestine Media Consultant
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