Muaiad kittaneh, MD

“AQU a symbol of existence and resistance”

I see Al-Quds the same way I see Jerusalem, a symbol of existence and resistance. It is at the forefront representing Palestine at its best performance. 
Al-Quds University gives quality education that reflects our preparedness to lead Palestine and the world towards a better future. Al-Quds has successfully contributed to the academic wealth of Palestine and the rest of the world through its many graduates who pursued successful careers in Medicine and other specialties.   
It is the first premier school in Palestine that offered unique and distinguished specialties like medicine and dentistry. I am not in a position to determine Al-Quds mission statement but I see myself as a product of its mission statement.
I believe I received an excellent medical education with superb skills in critical thinking  that helped me stand where I am right now. I received several awards of recognition during my career path but we should all give the credit where credit is due, and here I want to thank Al-Quds and its staff for what they have contributed to its students, to Palestine and the rest of the world.
Muaiad kittaneh, MD ‘2001
FACP, Assistant Professor of Medicine
Wayne state University- Detroit, MI, USA
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