Johnny Musleh

“I never enjoyed Math until I joined this fabulous Training Course”

I can’t describe the educational delight I felt inside the math museum at Al-Quds University. I have been teaching math for more than 15 years, and I haven’t enjoyed it until I joined this amazing course called “Using surroundings to teach math”.
I would like to thank Al-Quds University as a whole, Mr. Jihad Abu Kbash, and Mr. Ahmad Jaber in particular, for creating a great atmosphere and greater course.
Johnny Musleh
A School Teacher of Mathmatics.
Meet Math Museum is the fist of its kind in the Middle East. Inaugurated in 2007, the Interactive Math Museum serves a large number of Schools all over Palestine, makes it easy for them, specially the school students to understand the Math, and trains the School teachers on how to use the interactive Math methods in teaching.
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