Qasem Ismat Tobal

“Our time in life is limited; our paths should be created with wisdom and passion to create our own lives”
To make our inner voices louder to overcome the noise of others' opinions.When I was in my senior year in high school, I always wanted to be an important person, a person who would have the ability to leave his footprints in the minds and hearts of every person that passes by me through my life journey, and gets the chance to know me. I’ve decided to study engineering, in order to expand my thoughts and ideas, analyzing and critical thinking of things. Also as an initial step to the path I was planning to fight in.
I knew that engineering is a great future plan, but it was not enough. So I thought of expanding my work to shape my personality and improve my skills. And I did this and I am still doing it by attending every workshop I could attend and every event in AQU. From this and from the experience I’ve received, I am able and have had the chance to represent many organizations abroad, including AQU.
Meeting new people, brilliant and active people, from Palestine and other countries is one of the benefits I had from being a student in AQU, it helped me in improving my English language and my communication skills, until I became a trainer in various subjects.
I am a volunteer; I have participated in many volunteering activities and workshops. Such as students’ affairs department, training and voluntarism unit, public relations and cultural affairs department and currently I am working in the Friends and Alumni Department.
Those experiences had the hugest impact on my personality, and therefore my life. I feel satisfied with my achievements so far. I am fully happy and satisfied that I attended AQU and I cannot be more proud.
Qasem Ismat Tobal, Electronic Engineering’2015
Projects Coordinator, Palestinian Vision Organization
Social Activist, Trainer