Hala Ahmad Khalawi


“AQU granted me a great chance to be a different person”

I’m a student in Al-Quds Bard Honors College with big dreams, energy and enthusiasm to make a difference. As a second year student, I don’t think I have experienced much of college life. However, AQU gave me the chance to experience many things, try and be able to do things I never thought of.
When I was in high school I never thought of AQU as my future college. You know the dream of every student of traveling and studying abroad was shading my sight away from even looking at the good things of AQU. But things have changed and Bing bang I am here. In college I have met an amazing person who told me: “Everybody after college takes with him the information he learned from his specialization, but the special ones are the ones who come out with a bouquet of new ideas to make a difference”
In high school I had the nerdy perspective that studying is the most important thing in life and nothing else is important. But this had changed the moment I first participated in non-educational activities in AQU. Although studying is still my first priority, I started caring about other things. AQU changed me, it changed my perspective. With the help of the beautiful souls I’ve met here I was changed to a person that actually believes that it is possible to change, it is a huge possibility of me being someone who others would point on as their role model and would point on the great stuff I do in improving my society.
With a very big white heart and a warm smile, I thank AQU for the amazing chance that it gave me. I am thankful for the moment and destiny that brought me here. Today I am a totally different person that appreciates life and thanks AQU for just being here.
Hala Ahmad Khalawi, Pre-Medicine Student, Al-Quds Bard
Social Activist