Mohammad Ali Taha

Al-Quds University saved my bakery in the old city of Jerusalem from a disastrous closure.


My bakery dates back to the Ottoman era, and is located in Aqabet AlSheikh Muslim in the old city of Jerusalem. The Israeli government released an indictment to shut my bakery in 2012 saying that I have no license, although I do have two licenses: an Israeli one and a Jordanian one. I headed to AlQuds University’s community work center in the old city. The staff of their law clinic represented me in court and worked on proving that my licenses are still valid. They saved my revenue; they saved my family and I from poverty. AlQuds university did not charge me for their services; they know that we, Jerusalemites, already suffer from unlawful laws forced upon us by the Israeli government which leads to financial crisis.




I am very grateful the community work center of AlQuds University did this humane favor to my family and I, and I advise every Jerusalemite who faces such problems to directly inform the center and the heroes will rescue you.
The community center of AlQuds University also works in an archeological site that is more than 800 years old, which was long ago, build as a church called “San Julian”.

It was reconstructed to be used as an office which offers human community services based on justice and equality. The office is now called “the castle of defending the rights of Jerusalemites” and is located in Aqabet AlKhaldiyeh in east Jerusalem where Palestinian citizens are being oppressed and harassed in order to be pushed to leave their homes in the old city.

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Mohammad Ali Taha,The owner of “Abu Ali” bakery in the old city of Jerusalem.