Tahrir Hamamdeh

“ Al-Quds University option circumstances and good meeting”

Perhaps the life conditions may take our steps away from the light paths, but there is always one path that will take us into the light and sunshine will lead our shadows to the future.Here are the circumstances that led me to be sitting on the study chairs at Al-Quds University. After getting 93.1 at my Twjihi exam at the literary branch.

Being a women and due to social conditions, have restricted me from studying in a university which is far away from where I live, the difficult financial circumstances were an important reason as well. So Al-Quds University was the starting flam to my study paths, as it seems that God was choosing the best for what I was and what I'll be.
In spite of the routine challenges in our Arab countries of registration procedures and the difficulty of dealing with some students or staff but it’s okay because may work pressure builds up on them so they act little different sometimes. However, these difficulties and these challenges remain engraved in my memory; its presence parallels the wonderful memories of campus life. I'll never forget those who their place remains in the heart who have Lightened our paths, spent their days and nights helping us and giving us reasons to stay attached and engaged to the materials, all respect to our professors' doctors and all the academic staff.
Excellence in the university and getting high GPA of 86% had an impact on long-term, which I have noticed as soon as after graduation, specially over my professional life, the good reputation AQU has , also helped me to preceded to most workplaces I’ve been in and that had given me more chances and opportunities. This is me and that’s how I was and will be always grateful to God at first for making the circumstances lead me to Al-Quds University and to all who have helped me and benefit from my work.

Tahrir Hamamdeh,developmental Sciences ‘2008 building institutions ‘2013
Department of Planning - Palestinian Public Prosecution Ex-Director of "Irfan Canada" International Foundation, the West Bank office.
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