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Eng. Najjad Zeenni, Friend’ 2010

Was born on a boat board on which his family was forced to migrate from Palestine in 1948, so he decided to help to deepen the existence of the Palestinian Youth on their homeland… He has donated a 5000 Sq m building of engineering named after him

You may also help to breath a new life for college students in Jerusalem….

Learn more on how to support Al-Quds University through Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh Fund for Education in Jerusalem


Notable Ambassadors

“ It is the University of the Capital of Palestine..”

Othman Grbat,Masters of Law’2016


Ibrahim Hafi, Supporter & Student’2014

Joined the Media School at age of 50 to earn his Bachelor Degree to get his dream come true.. and he is helping other students, with their tuition fees through his personal Relations, to get theirs.


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